Saturday, May 15, 2010

I saw Wicked last night!!!!

I went to the Capitol Theatre last night with one of my Dearest friends Cate and we saw the musicl Wicked!!! It was so awesome I am still in awe!! The cast was amazingly talented and so very nice. I managed to get my picture taken and get autographs of the three main characters Fiyero (Rob Mills), Elphaba (Gemma Rix) and Glinda (Lucy Durack). So I really loved Elphaba who becomes the wicked witch and I am now itching to try the little Tilda who has a witches hat and do her with a green face like the wicked witch!!! lol am listening to the the songs from the musical non stop. Defying Gravity being performed was the highlight for me and Gemma Rix really nailed it!!! Hats off to her!!

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  1. I saw Wicked in Richmond, VA a few months ago and I was totally in awe with the costuming and the acting was fabulous too. I just couldn't get over the layers upon layers of luscious fabrics that went into each and every costume. I think Glinda was the same actor I saw...She was just too, too funny in the bedroom scene.



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