Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Colouring with copics to look like distress inks

I watched Suzanne's tutorial of colouring with copics to look like distress inks the blue and green one, many multiple times this morning. I didn't have exactly the copics that Suzanne used but I improvised with what I had and coloured this tilda. Not bad for a first effort. Let me know what you think, all comments are appreciated. I just want to get better at this. I need to buy a sketch colourless blender it is soooooo hard trying to use the original. Am thinking of getting replacement brush nibs for my original markers. I know they don't come in super brush but it has to be better than the nib they come with. Has anyone tries this? Thanx for looking...
Big smiles to you all
Kylie. :D


  1. Fabulous job Kylie, I think she is so cute!!!! You have done a terrific job on the coloring.
    I haven't tried using the distress inks yet (although I do have a whole bunch of them)..still trying to get better at Copics before that method, so good on you....

  2. Great job Kylie, you may wanna try putting the ciao brush nib into the original marker, which is what i have doen with mine since we dont get sketch in SA, works like a charm

  3. Beautiful job Kylie, Tilda is adorable!

  4. wow!! Love all the lacies!!!! You should do more cards!!


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