Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well... the girls are back to school this morning after there Term 1 break. if only it was as simple as dropping them off. First I will drop Courtney and a girlsfriends daughter off. Then I need to take the youngest one to the doctors as on the week end she went to a birthday party and had a piece of a palm tree spike her foot. Poor thing it went all the way through between her big toe and the next one...Ouch! I wasnt there when it happened and they had thought it was all out but not so sure now as it is a lil red so, may be there is a piece left inside. I hope not. So we will go see Doctor George and hopefully find out it is ok and just a lil red from the initial injury. She can walk on it fine and was riding a bike yesterday but need to make sure.
I am supposed to be meeting my personal trainer at 10am also for an hour workout...Hopefully I can have her at school before then. My wonderful trainer and friend Bex has helped me on my weight loss journey and I have lost 12 Kilos since the beginning of the year. Yay me!!! Not telling you all how many more Kilo's to go tho...hehe.
Maybe when all that is sorted I will be able set some time aside for me...stamping time. Well after the housework is done too!! lol

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